Simple, Clean, and Summer Showers

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I had a wonderful time shooting products for Buffalo Girl Soaps with the gorgeous Victory Johnson!

It started raining half way through the shoot, which ended up being perfect for what we were going for. Yay for when florida’s summer showers actually work in your favor! 🙂


There soaps smell delicious and are great for your skin.

“Milk soaps in general create a richer, creamier
lather. They are soothing to sensitive or irritated
skin, they help skin conditions such as psoriasis
and eczema, and they balance the oils in your
skin. Also, goat’s milk has more fat and less
water than cow’s milk. This makes it easier to
incorporate into the soap and creates a more
rich and moisturizing soap.”

Model: Victory Johnson  |  IG: @torypaige