Jessica | Senior

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While I Michigan this summer, I had the pleasure of photographing my beautiful cousin, Jessica for her senior photos.
Growing up, she was always a bit younger than me (my little sisters age actually). So they would play together a lot, yet I was always at her house seeing as we lived right around the corner. I would walk or ride my bike over to their house to play with my cousins and get in as much time with my favorite aunt as possible. My Aunt Betsy (Jessica’s mom) has always been the most kind hearted, even-tempered, easy to talk to, loving, and gentle people I know. Since my family moved to Florida over 10 years ago, I’ve only been able to see Jessica and her family on vacations and such. During my trip in Michigan I was able to see Jessica for the woman she has become and not just the little cousin that I use to know. I have learned that Jessica is such a beautiful person on the inside and out. She stands out in the crowd, not just because of her gorgeous height, but also because of her glowing personality. She has also inherited much of her mother’s kind hearted qualities.
With her height also comes her amazing volleyball skills. Jessica has received a college scholarship for her volleyball.
I look forward to seeing her again in the fall 🙂

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