Product Marketing Photography

Too often product images used on websites and in promotional material are poor quality or simply not very interesting.

Your ultimate goal if you have an eCommerce website is to get the visitor to BUY! Imagine what would happen to your profits if your website conversion increased 10%, 15% or even 20%! Professional photography, that makes your product look fresh, interesting and attractive can do that for your business. Especially if you have a grid that shows several products at the same time, having uniformity of quality, composition and background in your product photography can change the whole look and feel of your site, making your company appear more organized and professional.

Lifestyle Photography for Your Products

I like to use a lifestyle approach in my product photography, which highlights your product being used in an every-day situation by a "customer". This helps the website visitor or person viewing your ad or brochure to see themselves using your product and is a very effective way to market.

Print Material Product Photography

Menus, brochures, catalogs, and other pieces used by your business should also use professional product photography. You know how you are influenced by the pictures of the food on a menu? I don't know about you, but I've had drinks, deserts and appetizers that I didn't plan to order - all because it looked too good to turn down! Let's do the same thing for your products.

A Little About Me

I graduated from the University of Florida with my Bachelor Of Fine Arts. My background is in drawing, painting, digital design (mainly Photoshop), and photography. I am a full time photographer. This is not something I do on the side for a little extra cash or fun. I am extremely committed to my clients and what I do. I strive for excellence. With me you get the best of both worlds — you get someone whose work is new and fresh, but also who is professional and reliable.

Before our appointment, I will spend time discussing your business needs and developing a plan of action for your product photography. Quite often I have created packages for both product and promotional photography. My hope is to meets or exceed your expectations. Let's figure out what will showcase your products and your business to get the best results - give me a call!



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 by Justin Shives on Business Photography
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Ashley is a wonderful person to work with and she does a great job at the same time. She clearly loves what she does. We look forward to working... view more

 by Carey David on Business Photography
Head and Shoulders Above

This is an unadulterated, shameless plug for MY photographer Ashley Johnson My first session (but not my last) with her from 3 years ago when... view more

 by Kayla Krumm on Business Photography
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Ashley is a long time friend and an amazing resource for my business personally! She takes timeless photos for business with quality and is ... view more

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