A Morning with the Shrable Family

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One of the things that fill my soul the most is telling a visual story. A story of love and relationships. So when Bethany asked me to tell her family story I was ecstatic! Bethany knew she wanted a more personal photo session such as an in-home documentary photography session but was a little worried about normal things that mothers worry about when inviting someone in their home to take photos.

“I don’t know if the state of my home is okay for a session– I have so many things I want to update.” I assured her that it’s not about the home or what’s in the home, but WHO is in the home.

“I don’t know how my kids will act.” — I let her know that they would LOVE it because they would be getting their parents full attention and would get to show off a little.

She said, “What if a normal morning for my family isn’t exciting enough for photos.” After chatting with her about what a normal morning on a day off looked like for her family I assured her these were the types of moments she wanted captured. THESE moments were the ones that would have tangible memories attached to them.


I knocked on their door around 8am. Kids were up but still groggy and most were still wanting to cuddle with mom and dad….



Tickle fights are pretty common at the Shrable home….

Books and bed head are apart of every morning…

Soon it was time to get ready for their day…



Mad Libs and breakfast go hand in hand….


Books are plentiful at the Shrable home, especially those written by Dr. Seuss….. 

Dance parties and music creation are apart nearly every day….


What does a typical morning look like for your family?