Ella’s Sweet Shoppe

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Last month I was able to visit my best friend, Bethany, who lives in Georgia with her husband and three little ones. Ella, her middle child and only girl is one of the cutest little girls I have ever known with the absolute most loving personality. Ella told me she loved me at least 10x per day for each day I was there. At first I was really flattered, but as time went on I soon realized I wasn’t all that special and Ella pretty much will say “I love you” to anyone in the room who is listening. She told me a lot of other things too…… all at once…in her little southern accent…. barely taking a moment to breathe. The girl definitely LOVES to talk! During my visit it was only natural to take photos of this adorable little girl, especially while she is still little.
Now I absolutely love children photography, but rarely do children sit still for long periods of time. Which I understand and embrace. BUT Ella literally sat on that table for 45min while I photographed her. She just carried on a conversation with me and her mom. After I was done me and her mom went over to help her off the table. She said she didn’t want to get down. So she sat up there for another 30-40min AFTER I had put my camera away.

Bethany did such an amazing job styling this photo session. It seemed like she pulled everything together out of nothing.
The little valentines day cards you see hanging up are Ella’s GREAT-grandmother’s from 7th grade! I nearly squealed when Bethany pulled them out. Why can’t we go back to valentines cards like that?!
The little teal radio is Bethany’s. I remember sitting in her room when we were young, listening to our favorite songs.
She used a table she had and wrapped the top with polkadot wrapping paper.
The little baking utensils you see are christmas gifts ella got from her Grandma Shrable.

I really love how these turned out and love that you can see Ella’s personality so easily in them.