Schatt Children

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A few weeks ago, when the wild flowers were raging, I had the pleasure of photographing these young ones. Ryn, one of the cutest little girls you will ever meet, ran the show, but was kind enough to let me … Read More

Waiting for Olivia

I had a great time with Samantha’s beautiful family a few weeks ago photographing them and Samantha’s beautiful belly! I’ve known Samantha since I was young, but I haven’t seen her in years so it was such a pleasure capturing … Read More

Dark waters

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After the five hour drive, I finally arrived to Panama city beach last night and found out that the place we are staying at has lights in the pool. I got very excited and grabbed my sisters to go down … Read More


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“Masked” is a mini collaborative series I did with my friend, Ciara Osorio, when I visited Miami.  Body language played a role in this shoot… along with a mistaken identity. We shot in my friend’s attic which, I think, attributed nicely … Read More

Beneath the Surface

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Had another underwater shoot. I was pleased with several of the shots that came from it. Ashley Nicole Johnson Photography Family Photography with Personality (352) 470-9585   If you like my work, please help others get quality family photography at … Read More

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